Today’s upscale apartment complexes look and feel more like resorts, with amenities such as spa services, state-of-the-art gyms, concierge services, and onsite bars and restaurants. As the urban living market becomes more competitive in terms of attracting high-income tenants, self-serve beer and wine dispensing systems are giving properties an edge.

iPourIt technology adds a value that not only attracts new residents, but it makes it the go-to spot for residents and friends on the weekends. For instance, iPourIt’s best-practice urban living concept pours over 3,000 ounces each weekend! Residents enjoy a great social experience without the hassle of waiting in line at a bar or having to drink and pay for a full pour.  This patron experience is unique to iPourIt’s self-serve concept and is not evident until you visit one of our operators. Check out our locations here.

In one of our urban living concepts, for example, tenants can enjoy pour-your-own craft beer or wine that’s installed poolside. Ounce limits can be set to avoid over-serving or liability issues, and very little labor cost is required. Some urban living properties are even showcasing iPourIt systems in their leasing offices, instantly differentiating themselves from the competition.

Sweet Spot

The “sweet spot” for a self-serve urban living facility is about 6-10 taps, including craft beers, a traditional light lager, and a wine option. Unlike traditional food and beverage establishments catering to customers, urban living facilities can delight tenants by investing in just a few self-serve taps.



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