How does self-serve beer and wine work? The iPourIt model empowers patrons to make choices, skip waiting, and have fun. It also enables operators to charge for the amount the patron pours while serving responsibly.

Patron Perspective

Step 1: Check-in
The patron easily opens a tab by presenting a credit card and driver’s license to the operator to be scanned. They’re then assigned an RFID wristband or card, and is free to pour up to 32 ounces of beer, 12 ounces of wine, or any combination of the two. (Ounce limits programmable.)

Step 2: Explore
The patron can browse various beverage selections by viewing the iPourIt Taplet™, a digital screen located on top of every tap. Each Taplet™ includes information such as beverage name, type, brewer, description, ABV, IBU, price per ounce, etc. The patron can also view a larger digital menu board that displays the same information for every selection available, all in one screen…

Operator Perspective

Step 1: Check-in
Staff check-in of patrons is a simple process as the management work station features patented software that authenticates their driver’s license and confirms they are of age. This technology uses an algorithm that collects valuable demographic data for the operator, including gender, age, and zip code. This is aggregate data used to assign a unique ID for each patron. (Data is not used for tracking individual consumption.)

Step 2: Manage Intelligently
Staff has full access to beer and wine inventory, pricing, Taplet™ updates, menus, and the iPourIt app. iPourIt takes the heavy lifting out managing the beer and wine inventory. With over 32,000 types of beverages in the iPourIt menu…



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