With the craft beer movement in full swing, the market has significantly grown in sales over the last decade. We aren’t the first to realize that this is a booming market! So, how are you going to make your craft beer taproom even craftier? iPourIt’s self-serve beverage dispense technology adds patron experience values that create repeat business and, ultimately, increased revenues.

What began as a beer-only environment with high-priced pours from bartenders—appealing to a limited crowd—can now evolve to a self-serve experience with freedom to create one’s own experience, attracting more consumers. Patrons enjoy a great social experience without the hassle of waiting in line at a bar or having to drink and pay for a full pour.  iPourIt also enables taproom operators to redeploy their best employees as “beer gurus,” a revenue-generating role that fosters patron education and the discovery of premium products. This patron experience is unique to iPourIt’s self-serve concept and is not evident until you visit one of our operators. Check out our locations here.

iPourIt collects real-time data from all of our operators and the taproom is by far the most successful concept in regards to volume. Taprooms and tasting rooms consist of 39% of all iPourIt locations, but 58% of the total tap count. The data we collect and share provides operators with demographics and product and ounces poured, offering marketing, product placement, and pricing strategies. This data not only helps you get your taproom up and running, but it also helps to improve the business as data is collected and used. For instance, our best-practice taproom pours over 3 million ounces a year!

Without a doubt, craft beer is the undisputed star of taprooms, but our operators are recognizing increased revenues by including self-serve wines and ciders. Since iPourIt technology anonymously analyzes valuable demographic and consumption data, our reports indicate that females typically prefer white wines, red wines, and ciders when frequenting a taproom—in that order.

Depending on the location and products offered, the average price of beer ranges from $0.23 to $1.30 per ounce, and the average price per ounce across the product spectrum is $0.546. With this pricing strategy, most iPourIt taprooms recognize a 70-82% gross margin on alcohol.

Sweet Spot

The “sweet spot” for taprooms is 40-60 taps, depending on the size of the establishment. This allows for local and exotic craft beers to take the leading role, with some traditional lagers, premium wines and ciders drawing other patron personas. Five or six taps should be dedicated to a rotation of rare craft beers that may not be offered elsewhere. iPourIt represents 71% of all taps in the U.S. for locations with 40 or more self-serve taps.

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