The Ultimate in Self-Pour Business Intelligence

TapVision™ is the only Business Intelligence tool for self-pour operators. The custom-built platform offers an array of operational, product preference and consumer demographic data that can be organized as needed to create helpful graphics and reports.

Get tapped into consumer trends and buying patterns to make informed, data-backed decisions about pricing, product selection, scheduling and special promotions. With a wide range of pre-set reporting options, you can quickly and easily access powerful insights and data points, export helpful details and get right back to business.

Know the numbers like never before:

  • Location traffic by age and gender – measured by month, day or hour
  • Average customer check size and ounces sold per tab
  • Volumes of beverage types, styles and specific products sold
  • Revenue for specific products sold by hour, day or month and gender
  • Gross revenue and by hour, day or month and gender

TapVision™ was designed and developed in-house, tested by experienced iPourIt operators and optimized based on their feedback. Software updates are released regularly to enhance user experience and functionality.



Boost Productivity

Quickly retrieve, analyze and share information with built-in reporting options.

Gain Sales & Market Intelligence
Keep an eye on consumer behavior and preference data to better understand and cater to your audience.

Improve Visibility
Observe connections and correlations in the data and pinpoint opportunities for change and improvement.

Make Informed Decisions
Use findings to guide operational decisions like ordering, labor needs, discounted products, promotions and more.