Our core system consists of the following equipment:
• Valves and Meters on your beer lines
• iPourIt RFID wristbands or cards for your customers
• iPourIt RFID readers installed near tap handles
• Interactive industry-built tablets above each tap
• Management workstation / server

When a customer enters your establishment you swipe their driver’s license, credit card, and an iPourIt wristband or card through the management workstation. After placing the wristband on the customer, they are free to start pouring beer. The wristband tells the management server who is pouring beer and calculates their tab automatically. iPourIt will retrofit your beer lines with special valves so that beer is only dispensed when the wristband is in close proximity to the tap. If someone tries to pour a beer without a wristband, no beer will be dispensed.

When a customer’s wristband is read, it is transmitted to the server to make sure they haven’t hit any limits you’ve imposed (ounces per hour, ounces per day, etc.). The valve is then turned on so when the tap is opened, beer will flow freely. As the beer is poured, our meter keeps track of how many ounces (to the 1/10th of an ounce) have been poured. It reports this back to the management server.