iPourIt’s self-serve beer and wine system not only benefits the operator but also empowers the patron.

iPourIt has collected data that provides evidence that the self-serve concept benefits operators by increasing profits and revenues, enhancing operations, eliminating keg loss, gaining insight with actionable data, and lastly, attracting and retaining customers. iPourIt’s self-serve beverage dispense technology is attractive to the operator when analyzing bar management, operations and revenue. However, the iPourIt system is only truly successful if the self-serve concept, technology, and experience draw patrons to the operator.

iPourIt’s self-serve beer and wine system empowers patrons to make choices, skip waiting, and have fun. The concept offers value to the operator by fulfilling patrons’ wants, including the freedom to sample, direct access to a selection of premium beers and wines, and an engaging experience with friends. The unique self-serve experience will create returning loyal customers and buzz-worthy reviews.

Cost Advantage

The operator reduces waste and eliminates keg loss by charging the patron for what they pour. Customers also avoid paying eight or nine dollars on a pint of beer they might not enjoy. Few people are willing to spend over nine dollars for a premium craft beer or wine. However, customers are more willing to spend $0.63 for a sample, or $1.90 for a small pour. This allows patrons to try a variety of premium beers and wines without purchasing an entire serving.  With the freedom to choose any beverage and to pour any amount, tasting with smaller portions allows patrons to sample higher-priced products on their own terms.

Unique Experience

The self-serve concept provides a fun and unique experience for friends, family, coworkers, etc. Walking up to a self-serve beer wall with no lines and having the ability to act as your own bartender also allows customers to create their own experience on their own terms. Patrons can mix and pour, sample small amounts from different taps, and make their own customized flights. The operator also benefits from the opportunity to add more variety, maximize revenues, and build relationships with long-time returning customers.

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