Keeping your tap list updated can be a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve partnered with Untappd to save you time and make it super easy to keep customers up to date on your beer selection. Whether they’re looking online or standing in front of the taps, they’ll see the latest information all of the time.

→ About Untappd: With the Untappd app, users can discover and share beers, breweries, and venues with friends, while earning badges for exploring beers of different styles and countries. For operators, this is an excellent opportunity to market your offering to loyal followers and Untappd users in your area.

In one quick step, add incoming products to your system’s inventory, digital menu board and Untappd beer list. Just send a quick email with your menu updates and we’ll handle the rest.

With the Untappd integration, simply send a list of new items to when new products are received. Those items are then added to the “on deck” list in your system (which also kicks off the inventory aging process) until you are ready to put them on tap. As soon as a product is tapped, it is automatically added to your Untappd list with preselected details from the iPourit library.

→ Skip another step: To add new items to Untappd manually, you’ll need to spend extra time sorting through all of the options in their database to choose the right listing with details that exactly match the product on your wall.

You can then display the list across all of the following places:

  • Digital menu board – help customers navigate the wall by displaying your entire selection
  • Website (embed code) – display the tap list on your website
  • Social Media (embed code) – add a tab featuring the tap list to your Facebook page

First Draft Minneapolis displays their 54 tap selection on menu boards powered by Untappd

→ Don’t want to miss a thing: The iPourIt integration allows you to display wine, kombucha and other non-beer products on your tap list that you otherwise would not be able to add manually.

Save valuable time and keep your customers informed to drive increased traffic and sales. Contact us at (949) 270-0556 or to learn more about the integration.

FUN FACT: You can see all of the latest beers that have been added to iPourIt systems here.