After switching to a self-serve model, our clients recognize an average revenue increase of 39%. This is a planned byproduct of charging by the ounce. Self-serve patrons will try higher-priced, premium beer or wine—since they don’t have to commit to a full pour. (If they fall in love with it, they pour more and you make more.) In non-self-serve environments, patrons are less likely to order a pint of an expensive brand they’ve never tried.

In terms of improving draft beer margins, many of our taproom clients are pouring over 70% of their revenues through the iPourIt system. The typical patron spends $14.35 per visit at an iPourIt self-serve location. As operators are well aware, food sales increase as alcohol sales increase. In fact, one of our clients increased alcohol revenues from $3,000 to $38,000 per month, and increased dine-in sales by 433%!


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