More than 700,000 hotels and resorts are scattered around the globe, making competition fierce. 78% of hospitality industry organizations utilize social media for one specific purpose: to improve customer engagement.

Pour-your-own technology from iPourIt enables operators to increase revenue and amenities without adding staff, giving guests the opportunity to enhance their experience. Guests enjoy a great social experience without the hassle of waiting in line at a bar or having to drink and pay for a full pour.  This patron experience is unique to iPourIt’s self-serve concept and is not evident until you visit one of our operators. Check out our locations here. iPourIt can be integrated with existing RFID room keys, so guests are free to pour at their convenience. To avoid liability issues, ounce limits can be assigned to avoid over-serving.

Since patrons spend more money on food and alcohol when traveling, and establishments that offer self-serve beer and wine are reaping the benefits. Our typical hospitality operators are hotel properties with onsite marketplace offerings that include food and vending options. 

Sweet Spot

The “sweet spot” for hospitality deployment is 8-12 taps, with some larger hotels dedicating space for a complete taproom experience. (Around 40 taps.) In addition to craft beer, to capture all guest demographics, a small number of taps should be dedicated to wines and perhaps a cider.

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