Extremely versatile. Intelligently designed. Packed with tools. 
The Swiss Army Knife of self-pour.

We installed the world’s first beer wall and since then, we’ve been hard at work perfecting self-pour. Built on years of experience and continuous innovation, discover our most advanced system yet. Now with POE networking, robust management tools and upgraded system features. Powered by technology developed in-house, in the USA.  Tried, tested and operator-approved in over 65 locations with more than 2,200 taps in operation.





Power Over Ethernet (POE)

  • A single POE cable connects and powers each tap screen
  • Allows for hassle-free plug-and-play installation and set-up
  • Eliminates network connection issues, messy wiring and unnecessary holes in the cooler wall

Cloud Based Storage

  • System and demographic data is securely uploaded to cloud storage to ensure that no information is lost

Firewall Security

  • Built with dedicated hardware-based firewall security



Purpose-Built LCD Tapscreens

  • Industrial grade displays, purpose-built for constant use
  • “Future-proof” technology allows for remote support, software updates and added horsepower
  • Built-in RFID reader included in one comprehensive tap screen assembly, allowing for simple install and set-up
  • Powered through a CAT6 cable – no batteries required


Advanced Tapscreen Displays

  • Display the amount of product left in each keg right on the tap screen, encouraging patrons to grab a taste before product runs out
  • Live Pouring graphic shows patrons the amount they’re pouring as it flows into the glass
  • Choose fun animated beer labels and graphics to help promote products on the wall

Flexible Tap to Screen Configurations

  • Customizable to meet unique business goals and space requirements
  • Enhance user-experience and minimize wait time with a dedicated screen for each tap or save wall space with multiple taps per screen (we can even do 5+) 
  • Most cost-effective solution for 1:1 tap to screen configurations


Shrink-Proof System

  • Designed to prevent unauthorized access and ensure that no product is poured through the system without a proper RFID registration and recording pour


Variety of RFID Options

  • Choose from a variety of RFIDs:
    • Wristbands
    • Touchless Tap Keys – allow patrons to use the beer wall without touching any tap handles or screens
    • Cards
  • Order from a 3rd party
  • Patrons can simply touch the device to a built-in RFID reader to activate the tap, eliminating issues with lost or forgotten cards and walk-outs

Touchless Set-up

  • Add a stand-alone driver license scanner, and credit card (only with iPourIt POS system) and RFID readers to enable touchless check-in and check-out
  • New Touchless Tap Key RFID option allows users to pour from the beverage wall without touching any tap handles or screens
  • Opt to show a quick, instructional video upon each patron’s first tap activation




Driver License Scan at Check-in

  • System check-in includes a driver license scan and verification, allowing the operator to collect and aggregate valuable demographic and product preference data


Flexible Payment Options

  • Configure the system for either prepaid service or open tab payments

Measure Multiple Beverage Types

  • Measure and track pours for a variety of beverages:
    • Beer
    • Wine
    • Mixed drinks
    • Spirits
    • Non-alcoholic beverages






Pouring Limits

  • Predefined Alcohol By Volume (ABV) for each beverage type are used to monitor each patron’s consumption
  • Once the limit is reached, patrons will be prompted to request additional ounces from a staff member to prevent overconsumption
  • Additional ounces can be added from any of the tap screens on the beer wall or at the check-in station





Beer Menu & Inventory Management

  • Easily manage inventory and menu updates
  • New items are added to an on deck list until they are tapped, also kicking off the inventory aging process 
  • Kegs that are temporarily removed from the wall can be “benched” in the system, preserving inventory level data until they are added back to the wall
  • SMARTS™ Technology aggregates pour data to provide real time inventory information (exactly how much is left in each keg)
  • Automatically generate per ounce pricing by the pint or gross margin with a built-in pricing calculator
  • Configure the system for to-go growler and crowler fills to properly track and record data for high volume pours


Automated Scheduling

  • Set automated schedules for system power up and down, special discounts and promotions
  • Screens change automatically to reflect pricing specials on certain products at predefined intervals (i.e. 20% off all wine pours between 3pm-5pm)


Preventative Meter Alert System

  • SMARTS™ Technology proactively detects when taps are activated without recording a pour and notifies the operator after multiple alerts
  • After several alerts are detected on the same tap, it is automatically disabled from pouring until the operator is able to look into the issue
  • Without the alert system, operators would not be made aware of unnecessary product loss

Line Cleaning & Maintenance Modes

  • Special managerial modes ensure the proper tracking of ounces during cleaning and maintenance operations
  • SMARTS Technology keeps track of the line cleaning schedule and sends friendly reminders when it’s time to clean the lines
  • Detects how many ounces were run through the lines during cleaning and who performed the cleaning



Operator Dashboard

  • Provides a comprehensive, user-friendly snapshot of beer wall operations with handy details on daily patron traffic, inventory levels, keg aging, discount usage, preventative maintenance needs and more, all at a glance – no searches or queries needed


TapVision Reporting Package

  • Offers an array of cumulative operational data points that can be sliced and diced as needed to build helpful graphics and reports to assist operators when making decisions on labor, special promotions, product choices and pricing

Industry Leading 3-Year Warranty

  • We offer the best warranty in the business (truly). Get the longest coverage on tap screens, self pour system hardware and networking equipment. Just another reason to choose us as your self-pour partner.



Consultative Onboarding Process

  • The iPourIt team uses years of experience combined with millions of ounces of pour data to educate operators on self-pour and guide them through decisions about design, set-up and implementation

iPourIt + Untappd Integration

  • Automatically add new inventory items to your list on Untappd, including wine and other non-beer products
  • Save valuable time by skipping the process of manually adding listings for new items and selecting the correct listings for existing products on Untappd
  • Display the list on a digital menu board at your location as well as on your website and social media pages



3rd Party POS Integrations

  • Choose from a growing list of available integrations including InTouch, Toast, Aloha, Micros 3700

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