What features are included with the iPourIt technology?

A few standard features of the iPourIt self-serve technology includes:

Interactive Touchscreens: An interactive, 7” industry-built touchscreen tablet above each tap displays the beer logo, tasting notes, ABV, IBU, pouring tips, a real-time keg meter. Once activated, these tablets show the patron’s name, how many ounces they’ve poured, the number of ounces they have left to pour, and at the end of the pour – the number of ounces just poured. 

RFID Wristbands or Cards: As the only self-serve technology developed in the United States, our RFIDs are built to avoid the troubles associated with card slots and the risk of beer-soaked cards. Operators can choose between RFID wristbands or cards that patrons use to scan and activate each tap. Both the wristbands and cards can be designed with custom logos and designs.

Management Workstation:  An onsite Management Workstation and database is used to check-in and check-out patrons. The Management Workstation has patented software that uses an algorithm to verify patron’s age and collect their gender, age and zip code. 

Enterprise Solution: Our enterprise solution allows comprehensive data and reports to be stored at your location. Through the Management Workstation, operators have a real-time view of various data reports, an inventory management console and a beer management portfolio.

*Contact us for more information on operational features.

Are there control features allowing the system to comply with State Alcohol Laws?

Absolutely, responsible consumption is one of the cornerstones of the iPourIt system.  Clients determine how many ounces a patron may consume after checking in – typically 32 – 40 ounces or 2, to 2.5 beers and we have an algorithm that adjusts for similar amounts if patrons are drinking wine or a mixture of both. Contact us to receive documentation on self-serve compliance with ABC Boards.

Do I lose my data if the Internet is down?

No! Our technology is fully hardwired and does not rely on a wireless Internet connection. We also back up your data to the cloud in near real-time so you never have any data loss.  You can still open a tab, customers can still pour a beer, and you can still close a tab without the Internet.

How do I know your technology will be working as well, if not better, years from now?

Our subscription model allows us to continue to provide enhancements that are shared among all of our clients. Many of these enhancements derive from requests by our clients who discover innovative features that significantly improve the self-serve technology. We continue to seek out and improve software features that support the longevity and ease of using our system.

What kind of data analytics does iPourIt provide?

There are a number of comprehensive daily, monthly and yearly reports that iPourIt generates for your location. Some examples include:

  • Daily sales based on product style and customers’ gender
  • Ounces sold by the hour
  • Daily inventory reports
  • Discount reports
  • Beverage sales breakouts
  • Comprehensive sales reports

Contact us to receive a comprehensive guide of reports we provide.