How can I ensure that my employees and I will know how to manage the system during operations?

The training provided by our project managers and installers will teach you and your employees everything they need to know to manage the system during operations. However, we also provide additional support to ensure you and your employees can smoothly manage the system during operations. This includes:

  • Training documentation, such as a Quick-Start Guide and Training Manual.
  • Various self-help videos that can be used for training purposes or to help employees in particular situations.
  • Our Technical Support team is always available 365/24/7 to answer any questions not listed in the training manual

What type of support do you provide after my system is installed?

We provide 24/7 phone and email support for your system. When you call us you’ll talk to a person that has installed, develop or invented iPourIt. We don’t have to escalate any issues beyond our office or wait for time zone of other countries to troubleshoot any problem.

What happens if a customer loses an RFID wristband/card?

All pours are saved to your local database as they happen so no data is lost. If someone loses their RFID card you can look them up by name and, with a single click, you can assign them a new wristband and deactivate the old one. 

How do I change beer on tap with the iPourIt System?

We make this process as easy as possible. Think of us as your employees and let us do the work for you. Just tell us what you’ve ordered from your distributor and we’ll put that beverage “on deck” for you. That means we’ll make sure there is a good image, description, IBU and ABVs associated with it. Then we push it to your local database so that you can track that keg in inventory. When you are ready to tap it, just select it from a list on the management workstation, set the keg size and price per pint and press save. We’ll automatically update the image above the tap, the menu board, mobile apps and websites.