CRAVE, a new BBQ joint franchise started in 2018, opened its first location in Dawsonville and plans to install a self-serve beer wall.

Dawsonville, Ga. – January 2, 2019 – In 2018, iPourIt made national deal with CRAVE Hot Dogs & BBQ, a new fast-casual franchise. The second location to install a self-pour beer wall using iPourIt technology opened January 12. The self-serve beer wall will be pouring by February 2019.

CRAVE is the second of many franchisee locations with a self-serve beverage dispense system of its kind. It is the first franchise to use iPourIt self-serve technology in every location. The Dawsonville location will have 18 taps featuring craft beer, wine, and cider.

Husband and wife power duo and franchise veterans, Sal and Samantha Rincione, established the fast-casual franchise in early 2018. With combined experience of over 35 years in the franchise industry, Sal and Samantha wanted to find their next big venture, and they wanted to do it together. After extensive research, they decided to implement a self-serve concept and created CRAVE. CRAVE brings something to the table that nobody else in the franchise industry is doing.

Giving patrons total control over their drinking and dining experience, CRAVE offers something Wilmington residents and visitors are sure to enjoy. The pour-your-own concept allows patrons to make their own buying and pricing decisions, pour their own beverage, avoid long bar lines, and try a specialized offering of their choosing without having to purchase an entire pint. The self-serve concept benefits the operator as well, as it’s a proven successful business model. iPourIt’s data collected from over 150 locations tells us operators see an increase in top line revenue and alcohol to food sales, a decrease in familiar labor expenses associated with food production, and stronger gross profits dues to alcohol’s low cost of goods.

Vice President of iPourIt, Darren Nicholson says, “iPourIt is excited to start the year and grow the business with CRAVE. Sal and Samantha are the first franchisors to take advantage of iPourIt’s self-serve technology in every location. They understand how the craft beer and alcohol market is changing and acknowledge that patrons’ dining decisions and preferences are more particular than ever. Recognizing these changes and applying them to their decision making, business, and brand, makes them smart and strategic business owners.”

CRAVE is now looking for franchise partners throughout the U.S. Go to for more information on owning your own CRAVE franchise.

About iPourIt, Inc.

iPourIt, Inc. is North America’s leader in self-serve beverage dispense technology with over 150 locations installed and operating, over 100 million ounces poured, and more than 4,000 taps installed. iPourIt partners with operators to provide an interactive, on-premise, self-service beer & wine experience promoting consumer choice and sampling. The technology has proven to increase revenue and drive profitability through higher space utilization and lower operating costs for clients while enhancing customer satisfaction. Learn more at

About CRAVE Hot Dogs & Barbecue

CRAVE is a fast-casual BBQ joint, established in 2018. They feature mouth-watering BBQ sandwiches and sliders along with 100% all beef hot dogs, bratwursts, and sausages. Patrons can top the sandwiches, sliders and hot dogs any way they like with a variety of toppings. Each CRAVE location features a self-serve beer wall, allowing patrons to pour their own beer, wine or cider. At CRAVE, it’s all about customer satisfaction and experience! Find the menu and a location near you at