Casual dining is an increasingly competitive market. With today’s consumer wanting greater convenience at a lower cost, casual dining is losing its luster in the market, especially with the younger generations. Self-serve places more value on your business, improves revenues, and increases gross margin profits at very low additional costs. 

When marketed properly, the self-serve craft beer and wine offering adds more variety, differentiation, and relevance to your brand. Casual dining establishments with a self-serve model bring in repeat business more easily, especially with younger generation demographics. Patrons enjoy a great social experience without the hassle of waiting in line at a bar or having to drink and pay for a full pour. This patron experience is unique to iPourIt’s self-serve concept and is not evident until you visit one of our operators. Check out our locations here.

Casual dining is roughly 20% of all iPourIt locations and tap count. Depending on the size and tap count of your casual dining concept, pour volume can vary. However, the average ounces poured per year is 576,000.  The average alcohol revenues per year is $293,700, giving roughly 70-82% gross margin. In many cases, those who implement iPourIt’s technology see the value within the first year and become multi-unit operators with two or more locations! 

Sweet Spot

The “sweet spot” for casual dining deployment is 18-36 taps, depending on size, concept and food offerings. In addition to craft beers, in order to meet all demographic needs, we suggest two white wines, two red wines, and one cider tap.

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Self-Serve Markets

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