Increased profits

In the bar and restaurant industry where margins are already tight, every ounce counts. iPourIt helps you get more from every pour, allowing you to charge for every ounce of beer that flows through the system. iPourIt clients typically see a 39% increase in sales after installing our system, because sampling gives your patrons that chance to taste just one more, and another, and another. iPourIt’s clients have found that their patrons not only enjoy more ounces when offered beer and wine by self serve, but they are willing to try the more expensive and unique offerings, which they’d never order a full pint of.

Improve bar operations

Checking kegs for available beer is currently an interesting process requiring keg tipping and rolling to check how much is left. It’s more of an art instead of a science. iPourIt does the hard work for you by displaying the number of ounces remaining in each keg so you know exactly when to tap a new one. If a new selection is added, the iPourIt bar management system instantly updates the tap screen, digital chalkboard, app, and even your bar’s social media pages.

Eliminate keg loss

As a bar owner there’s nothing worse than wasted or unsold beer.  Keg shrink is a common-day problem in the bar industry estimated to be 24%.  The iPourIt system eliminates these worries because it tracks, measures, and charges for every ounce poured, so if your patron pours it, they buy it!  Say goodbye to tasters, give-aways, and freebies.

Attract the curious customer

Over 650,000 people have experienced the iPourIt system and they all have one thing in common. They are curious. In fact, our data shows the typical patron is 32 years of age, loves technology, enjoys sharing experiences with their social network, values quality, and most importantly, is willing to pay more for that experience.

Actionable data

Real-time data helps you make informed decisions that can drive your business forward. iPourIt’s data-driven system enables you to see how your patrons are interacting with your beer selection and loyalty programs, and it collects and records all of the data for you.  For example, how old is she, and what does she drink? Is she a new patron, or are regular visits her norm? Does he enjoy run-of-the-mill lagers, or is it the unique selections that attracts him? And did he respond to the loyalty program you’ve been promoting this week? The data tells the whole story, and iPourIt helps you identify trends and meaningful information other concepts can’t.