What is it?
iPourIt is a unique patent pending technology that allows customers to pour their own beer. The system consists of a management workstation, meter, valve, iPourIt board, RFID wristbands and RFID readers. The valve controls beer flowing through the tap while the meter measures the amount of beer a customer pours accurate to more than 1/10th of an ounce.

Why is it unique?
No other system on the market allows a business to charge 100% of every ounce in a keg. Other systems are reactive in the sense that they can tell you how many ounces have been poured after the fact, but require you to manually reconcile with how much beer has been sold. What they don't tell you is how you lost the beer, who was responsible for wasted pours or beers given away "on the house." With iPourIt every ounce of beer is metered and charged to a customer as they are pouring it, eliminating the opportunity for beer to be lost.

Is it hard to install?
During an iPourIt installation, a locatoin moves their existing taps, or adds new taps to a common area in front of the bar. The iPourIt system is installed in the beer lines.

How does it work?
When a customer enters your location, a host swipes their ID and credit card at the management workstation. They are then given a uniquely encoded RFID wristband. As soon as a customer touches a tap handle, their wristband ID is read and several checks are instantly done to validate the wristband. The valve is then opened and allows the beer to be poured. The customer can pour as little or as much as they want and the exact number of ounces poured are automatically added to their tab.

The system has configurable controls to limit the number of ounces that can be poured in a given amount of time. Once the limits are reached the customer can visit with a host again who can make a decision to allow more ounces to be consumed or cut them off.

iPourIt has an online website for customers to visit that will show them their history of pours from every location they have visited. They can rate beers which will offer them suggestions for other beers to try. Locations can target market to customers based on their pouring and rating history. The site also allows someone to search for a beer nearby and even prepay for a pint online that reserves it at a local bar.