2nd Shift Brewing – Brewligans

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 4.30%     IBU: 0.0

A small wonder to behold, with all the hop flavors and aromas and coming in at only 4.3% abv. Some people would call it a session IPA but they would be wrong because that makes no sense. It's a low alcohol double IPA or maybe a imperial table beer or an American Light Lager that uses ale yeast and 10 times the hops as normal

4 Hands Brewing Co. – Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown

Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 5.50%     IBU: 20.0

This is one monster of a Brown Ale! Chocolate malt and roasted barley gives this beer a cast iron backbone. Oatmeal brown pours a dark mahogany with aromas of dark chocolate and coffee.

4 Hands Brewing Co. – Super Flare

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7.50%     IBU: 55.0

A collaboration Brett IPA we brewed with Wicked Weed Brewing from Asheville, NC. Lots of mango, guava and dry hopped with Galaxy and Mosaic hops.

Bent River Brewing Co. – QC Haze

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.90%     IBU: 70.0

A generous amount of flaked oatmeal gives QC Haze an opaque golden hue and velvety mouthfeel. Aggressive dry hopping with a rotating cast of juicy hops combined with our house haze yeast makes this beer intensely aromatic. It is meant to be enjoyed fresh.

Bent River Brewing Co. – Uncommon Stout

Style: Stout
ABV: 5.40%     IBU: 31.0

This unique stout is Bent River's top selling beer. We infuse our Oatmeal Stout with some of the country's best coffee to make this award winning medium bodied ale.

Cathedral Square Brewery – Ave Maria

Style: Belgian
ABV: 10.00%     IBU: 0.0

Our Double Abbey Ale is aged in Elijah Craig bourbon barrels. French, Morello, Cherries are added to each barrel creating a hint of sin that will have you asking for the intercession of the Virgin Mary!

Cathedral Square Brewery – Belgian-Style Abbey Ale

Style: Belgian
ABV: 6.50%     IBU: 18.0

This traditional Belgian-Style Abbey Ale is brewed using five malts, two hop varieties, imported Belgian candy sugar and authentic Belgian Trappist yeast.

Charleville Brewing Co. – Marzen

Style: Oktoberfest
ABV: 6.00%     IBU: 0.0

DESTIHL Brewery – Amra IPA

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.50%     IBU: 52.0

Amra, Sanskrit for mango, begins with a very pale West Coast-style IPA devoid of caramel malt character to allow the fruity aromas and flavors of Simcoe & Glacier hops to take center stage and meld perfectly with unreasonable amounts of mangos added to this fruit beer with attitude.

DESTIHL Brewery – Privyet

Style: Stout
ABV: 12.40%     IBU: 84.0

Privyet, is the base beer for our award-winning, bourbon barrel-aged Dosvidanya. Even though this beer isnʼt aged in oak barrels, it greets you with a color as dark as night, a thick, tan head & predominant characters of dark chocolate and roasted malts with abundant fruity esters. Generous hop additions balance the maltiness of this beer, along with a mouthfeel that is rich, creamy, full and smooth. Ypa!

DESTIHL Brewery – Wild Sour Series: Synchopathic

Style: Sour
ABV: 6.00%     IBU: 8.0

Synchopathic is the cool harmonization of a refreshingly tart and acidic sour ale with citrusy, fruity & floral dry-hops normally in concert with pale ales, with totally rad aromas and flavors reminiscent of grapefruit, orange, lemon, tangerine, pineapple and hints of pine, giving way to a biscuity-crackery malt back beat, low bitterness and a dry finish to bring everything in synch.

Earthbound Brewing – Belgian Pale Ale

Style: Belgian
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 22.0

Ferguson Brewing Co. – Pecan Brown Ale

Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 5.50%     IBU: 30.0

This American-Style Brown Ale is brewed with pecans directly added to the mash. That, and six different malts is what gives this ale its distinctive nutty malty flavor.

Free State Brewing – Blood Orange Radler

Style: Specialty
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 8.0

Meaning “cyclist” in German, Radler is a traditional mix of lager and soda that has a reputation as a sports drink and restorative. This particular rendition marries our Bleeding Kansas Lager with a house made Blood Orange Soda. The resulting beer is a slightly tart, slightly sweet thirst quencher perfect for a summer day.

Goodwood Brewing – Red Wine Barrel Saison

Style: Saison
ABV: 5.20%     IBU: 40.0

Goodwood Red Wine Barrel Saison is aged in a variety of wine casks, adding distinct and changing variances to each batch. This beer for all saisons is enchantingly complex with notes of toasted oak, subtle fruit, barley and, of course, red wine – a truly one-of-a-kind taste experience that will turn your expectations sideways.

Gotham Project – 2012 La Coux Rouge

Style: Red Wine
ABV: 13.00%     IBU: 0.0

A delicious Cabernet-Merlot blend that is certified organic. Medium bodied, with plums and cherries on the palate and subtle espresso bean notes.

Gotham Project – Baumgartner

Style: Gruner Veltliner
ABV: 12.50%     IBU: 0.0

Father and daughter winemakers farm 10-30 year old vines in the Weinviertalon top sites including Tafelberg, Schatzberg, and Sommerleiten. The wine is produced and aged in stainless steel.With classic Veltliner notes of citrus and white pepper, this wine distinguishes itself with a soft fragrant honey finish. Exactly what you would expect from a top notch Heurige in Vienna

Gotham Project – Pacific Standard Cabernet Sauvignon

Style: Red Wine
ABV: 14.00%     IBU: 0.0

California appellation (sourced from Mendocino, Lodi, and Sonoma). Blueberry, dark cherry and currants with toasty vanilla and chocolate notes. The palate is full and broad with soft ripe, velvety tannins and a long finish.

Gotham Project – Rancho Rodeo

Style: Red Wine
ABV: 13.50%     IBU: 0.0

100% from the Circle K Ranch in the Delta area west of Lodi, 30% was aged in French and American oak and the rest was all stainless steel tank aged. Full yet delicate. Black cherry and cola notes accent the wine.

JK's Farmhouse Ciders – JK's Farmhouse Summer

Style: Cider
ABV: 4.50%     IBU: 0.0

This summer seasonal is our unique take on a traditional farm cider. This thirst quenching blend offers hints of orange zest, raisin and coriander which leaves a complex finish.An easy drinking alternative to a wheat ale or riesling and a wonderful warm weather refresher.

Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Co. – Haya Cold Brew -- NITRO

Style: Non-Alcoholic
ABV: 0.00%     IBU: 0.0

Lagaria – Pinot Grigio delle Venezie

Style: White Wine
ABV: 12.50%     IBU: 0.0

Straw yellow in color, pleasant floral and fruity aromas such as apple, apricot and pear. Medium-bodied, with refreshing fruit, distinct character and balance.

Latitude 42 Brewing Co. – Rainbow Weasel

Style: Cream Ale
ABV: 4.80%     IBU: 0.0

Honey cream ale.

Lionstone Brewing – Back 40 Peanut Butter

Style: Stout
ABV: 4.10%     IBU: 11.0

Back 40 wheat stout fermented with peanut butter taste.

Missouri Beer Co. – Berliner Weiss

Style: Berliner Weisse
ABV: 3.30%     IBU: 3.0

A very pale, refreshing, low alcohol German wheat beer with a clean lactic sourness

Missouri Beer Co. – English Dark Mild

Style: English Ale
ABV: 3.80%     IBU: 16.0

A dark, low gravity, malt focused British session ale readily suited to drinking in quantity. Refreshing, yet flavorful.

Missouri Beer Co. – Mango Hibiscus

Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 35.0

An American pale ale with a twist. Hibiscus flowers are added at the end of the boil to add an earthy- flowery flavor. Fresh Mango puree’ is added after fementation to add the fruity sweetness.

Modern Brewery – LED

Style: Lager
ABV: 4.40%     IBU: 20.0

Modern Brewery – McFly Rye

Style: Rye Beer
ABV: 5.50%     IBU: 35.0

Modern Brewery – Odinson

Style: Mosaic Hopped IPA
ABV: 6.60%     IBU: 70.0

Flavors and aromas include that of crisp peach and papaya with hints of bright tropical fruits. while both dry and crisp the juicy characteristics of the Mosaic hop variety leave the mouth watering for more.

O'Fallon Brewery – Bottlehouse Brown

Style: English Ale
ABV: 4.90%     IBU: 20.0

A British brown ale with soft chocolate, caramel and toasted nut flavors and just enough earthly hops to offset the sweetness of the malt. The balance of full flavor and lower ABV makes this tasty brown ale easy to drink any time or all the time.

Perennial Artisan Ales – Hopfentea

Style: Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4.20%     IBU: 0.0

Berliner Weisse brewed with a tropical tea blend in collaboration with The Hopleaf.

Perennial Artisan Ales – Southside Blonde

Style: Blonde
ABV: 5.50%     IBU: 0.0

A moderately strong golden ale with fruity-spicy Belgian yeast characteristics

Poggio Anima – Asmodeus

Style: Red Wine
ABV: 13.00%     IBU: 0.0

Dark ruby-red. Blackberry and dark plum on the fresh nose, with complicating notes of anise, shoe polish and fresh herbs. Bright and juicy on entry, then firmer in the middle, offering dark cherry and plum flavors and a hint of cola. A musky herbal note comes up with air on the moderately long finish, with the cola note recurring.

Point Labaddie Brewery – Batch 10: Saison

Style: Saison
ABV: 5.80%     IBU: 30.0

Unfiltered and brewed with a French Saison and Belgian Saison yeast blend. This light bodied but complex beer is dry and crisp with spice and clove up front and a mellow tartness in the finish.

Ryder Estate Winery – Chardonnay

Style: White Wine
ABV: 13.50%     IBU: 0.0

Our 2014 Ryder Estate Chardonnay is a bright, focused and elegant wine with aromas of vanilla, orange blossom, and yellow delicious apple. Ripe flavors of white peach, Asian pear, vanilla and citrus finish with a hint of creamy, honeyed oak.

Ryder Estate Winery – Pinot Noir Rosé

Style: White Wine
ABV: 13.50%     IBU: 0.0

Our 2014 Ryder Estate Pinot Noir Rosé is a medium-bodied wine with bright cherry aromas. The lively fruit flavors are framed by a crisp, balanced acidity that unfold into a smooth, elegant finish. It is a refreshing wine that is delightful as an apéritif or as an accompaniment to a wide variety of foods.

Schlafly Beer – Dortmunder

Style: Dortmunder Export
ABV: 5.80%     IBU: 25.0

This strong lager, also known as Export, is straw colored and well balanced; neither hops nor malt predominates.

Six Mile Bridge Beer – El Dorado IPA

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.80%     IBU: 50.0

Single hopped IPA showcasing the beauty of galaxy hops. Citrusy, juicy and just what you need for a summer's day.

Six Mile Bridge Beer – Irish Stout

Style: Stout
ABV: 5.20%     IBU: 20.0

Gold Medal Winner, 2016 US Beer Open: Bold & malty, dark & sultry—this dry Irish classic will soon become your best friend. Enjoy rich, velvety chocolate notes with a hint of smoke on the finish.

Tallgrass Brewing Co. – Blueberry Jam

Style: Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4.30%     IBU: 0.0

After a successful solo tour, we decided to put a band together with our Jam Series! Jam out with this refreshingly tart, German-style wheat ale brewed with blueberries.

The Old Bakery Beer Co. – Hibiscus Tart

Style: Specialty
ABV: 4.60%     IBU: 20.0

Dried Hibiscus flowers gives this ale it's bright pink color and refreshing tartness. We threw some Lemon Verbena in to enhance the citrusy & floral character even more.

The Old Bakery Beer Co. – Porter

Style: Porter
ABV: 5.60%     IBU: 35.0

Our take on the English classic is a bold, yet easy going black ale. It's chocolatey, nutty, roasty, and goes down smooth

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. – Ku'Damm

Style: Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4.20%     IBU: 13.0

Drink it ‘straight’ to appreciate the light tartness…Or repeat these words “Ich bin ein Berliner” and add a bit of elderflower, blackberry, or plum syrup just as they do along Kurfürstendamm.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. – Oachkatzlschwoaf

Style: Oktoberfest
ABV: 5.40%     IBU: 20.0

This “export” style lager, brewed for our annual Oktoberfest celebration, is malty yet well balanced like the bier traditionally served at Oktoberfest in Munich. However, our Festbier has a tale/tail of its own–Oachkatzlschwoaf (pronounced “o-cat-zel-schwof”) translated is “tail of a squirrel”…just a little Bavarian humor.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. – O'Florian's

Style: Stout
ABV: 4.20%     IBU: 30.0

To help celebrate spring and the day of Ireland’s Patron Saint, UCBC’s patron brewer, “O’Florian”, has brewed a traditional Irish Dry Stout, a style that quite often surprises people with its easy-drinking demeanor despite its ominous aroma and dark appearance.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. – Pierre's Wit

Style: Witbier
ABV: 5.20%     IBU: 13.0

Pierre Celis almost single-handedly, resurrected the Belgian Wit – a deliciously refreshing wheat beer originally created by Belgian farmers in the middle centuries. Today, the style has a generous range-of-flavor and is often infused with a variety of spices, primarily coriander and dried citrus fruits. In keeping true to Mr. Celis’ homeland of Belgium we additionally brew ours with unmalted wheat.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. – Urbangang

Style: Doppelbock
ABV: 9.00%     IBU: 22.0

Urbangang Belgian Dopplebock is a collaboration with Ommegang, utilizing the malt and spice bill from Ommegang Abbey Ale (Belgian Dubbel) and UCBC’s Bavarian Lager Yeast.