Alpine Beer Company – Duet

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7.00%     IBU: 45.0

A West Coast IPA that features Amarillo and Simcoe hops "in harmony", giving a light, floral aroma. Duet is a nicely bitter with the perfect amount of malt concealed behind the hoppy goodness. Immensely drinkable, amazingly light on its feet.

Anchor Brewing – Mango Wheat

Style: Specialty
ABV: 4.80%     IBU: 0.0

Anchor’s Mango Wheat is a crisply refreshing, effervescent, golden ale thathighlights the delectable character of this singular fruit: Brightness without sharpness, fullness of flavor withoutheaviness, tropical aroma without pungency, and complexity without cacophony.

Angeline – Pinot Noir

Style: Red Wine
ABV: 13.80%     IBU: 0.0

This Pinot Noir is a wealth of aromas such as fresh cranberries, maraschino cherries, and orange zest. The palate is round and juicy with lively acidity, and a touch of sweet, toasty oak on the finish.

BarrelHouse Brewing Co. – Mango IPA

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.20%     IBU: 50.0

You've just discovered one of the most enjoyable IPAs we've ever made. A crushable balance of citrus hops, mango goodness, and smooth finish truly puts this beer in a league of its own. Grab a bottle and experience how a mango IPA should taste. Cheers!

BarrelHouse Brewing Co. – Sunny Daze

Style: Blonde
ABV: 5.20%     IBU: 15.0

The perfect refreshing specialty for those warm summer days. We hand crafted this delicious tropical blonde with clementine oranges and fresh local orange blossom honey. Since we debuted this smooth, sweet nectar at our anniversary party, people can’t seem to stop talking about it. You asked for it, so here you go!

Big Sky Brewing – Moose Drool

Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 5.10%     IBU: 26.0

Moose drool is one of the nation's premier brown ales . For a dark beer it is extremely drinkable and an excellent complement to most foods . Four different malts are used in this brew. We also do four hop additions consisting of a combination of east kent goldings' liberty and willamette.

Crispin – Crispin Original

Style: American Craft Cider
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 0.0

A classically styled, but untraditional hard apple cider. Fruit forward, with a fresh, crunchy appley nose and a deliciously refreshing, crisp mouth feel.

Deschutes Brewery – Obsidian Nitro Stout

Style: Stout
ABV: 6.40%     IBU: 55.0

Obsidian has distinct notes of espresso, chocolate, roasted malt and black barley, with just enough hop bite to cut the sweetness.

Drake's Brewing – Dry Stout -- NITRO

Style: Stout
ABV: 4.80%     IBU: 22.0

A favorite at Drake’s Barrel House amongst the staff and brewers, our Nitro stout is comprised of 2-Row malt, roasted barley, and a select blend of dark malts and served on nitrogen. Enjoy the creamy mouthfeel, medium body, and roasty, chocolate flavors.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – 805

Style: Blonde
ABV: 4.70%     IBU: 20.0

It’s not a unique idea, but one that everyone on the Central Coast understands… Call something “805” and it means local. As a regional craft brewer we have always known that the closer the beer is to where it was brewed, the fresher it is. In fact since 1996 our brewery has been built on fresh, local beers for the Central Coast…. so we created a beer just for our locals in the “805”.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – Leo v. Ursus: Adversus

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.20%     IBU: 55.0

Prodigiously hopped yet nimbly brewed with pilsner malts, Adversus ultimately achieves the improbable: a big, bold IPA made for summertime sipping. A hard-charging blend of Pacific Northwest hops leads the way, loading the nose with notes of stone fruit, pineapple, mango and earthy pine resin. The result is a double IPA that is high on hop aromas, balanced in bitterness and perfect for the warm days of summer.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – Propagator: Generation 1

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7.60%     IBU: 0.0

Generation One, an unfiltered West Coast Style IPA, a Venice IPA of sorts. This is first experimental beer brewed on our 10hl Kaspar-Schulz brewhouse. An unfiltered IPA that bridges the gap between the juice-like hazy NE style IPAs and dry bitter West Coast/San Diego Style IPAs. This beer is full of bold hop aromatics and flavors, reminiscent of peach, grapefruit and pineapple, with a crisp bitter finish – making it devilishly drinkable.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – Velvet Merlin

Style: Stout
ABV: 5.50%     IBU: 27.0

A decadent oatmeal stout. Velvet Merlin offers robust cocoa and espresso aromas with subtle American hop nuances. Rich dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavor with a creamy mouth feel and wonderfully dry finish create the perfect balance in this full-bodied stout. Ideal for sipping in the winter months or at the end of a meal.

Golden Road Brewing – 329 Lager

Style: Lager
ABV: 4.80%     IBU: 25.0

Crafted in the city that gives us 329 days of sun, 329 Lager is the perfect companion for making the most of sunny California days. Our go anywhere, do anything lager is full-flavored and easy-drinking with a clean, crisp finish

Golden Road Brewing – Point the Way

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 5.90%     IBU: 60.0

Point the Way IPA is our ode to the hop-crazed patrons of Los Angeles. Its light malt body elevates the citrus zest, tropical and pine notes contributed by a generous hop dosing. At 5.9%, this sessionable West-Coast IPA finishes dry for optimal repeatability.

Green Flash Brewing Co. – Passion Fruit Kicker

Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 7.70%     IBU: 42.0

We added mostly late additions of this experimental hop varietal in order to provide a nice tropical fruit aroma while keeping the IBUs in the 40-ish range. Then we headed to Stone Farms to source some passion fruit. The passion fruit we found there was mind-blowing in all aspects. After cutting open the fresh fruit and tasting the beautiful, bright orange seed-peppered juice we all had ear-to-ear smiles.

Grupo Modelo – Modelo Especial

Style: Lager
ABV: 4.40%     IBU: 12.0

A rich, full-flavored pilsner beer with a slightly sweet, well-balanced taste, light hop character and crisp finish. Modelo Especial was introduced to the market in 1966. Today it is sold in glass bottles as well as cans, which are having an increasing demand due to consumer preferences, making Modelo Especial the leader in the can segment in Mexico.

Grupo Modelo – Negra Modelo

Style: Vienna Lager
ABV: 5.40%     IBU: 0.0

This dark vienna-munich type beer has had extraordinary acceptance in international markets. Exports to the U.S. began in the early 80´s, and have since attained great success in Europe, Australia, Central and South America.

Hess Select – Chardonnay

Style: White Wine
ABV: 13.40%     IBU: 0.0

We’re on to something with our Hess Select Chardonnay. It’s a new take on the most popular wine around, tasting good on its own, paired with appetizers, a variety of meals prepared at home or out for date night. Crisp and clean with bright wonderfully balanced acidity, the signature lemon-lime and a touch of apple flavors of Monterey shine through.

Hop Valley Brewing Co. – Citrus Mistress

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.50%     IBU: 80.0

Munich malt, 4 different hops and grapefruit peel combine to create this IPA featuring a classic burnt orange color with a bouquet of citrus, peach and tropical fruits.

Lagunitas Brewing Co. – Hop Stoopid

Style: Sour
ABV: 8.20%     IBU: 0.0

For those mornings when you have to cut right to the chase, this is the one. Sure to blast through just about anything still lingering from the night before, this mouthful of Hops and huge rich Malt has a gaurantee built right into the name!

Lagunitas Brewing Co. – One Hitter: Eroica

Style: Sour
ABV: 7.40%     IBU: 0.0

This is a Lagunitas-ified version of a traditional Flemish Farmouse ale, aged in red wine oak barrels and funkied up with Brettanomyces yeast. It’s a golden saison-sour with a nice tartness that leaves your buds quenched and wanting more. Proost!

Leinenkugel Brewing Co. – Original

Style: American-Style Lager
ABV: 4.60%     IBU: 0.0

Oskar Blues – Dale's Pale Ale

Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 6.50%     IBU: 65.0

Brewed with hefty amounts of European malts and four kinds of American hops, it delivers a blast of hop aromas, a rich middle of malt and hops, and a thrilling finish. It weighs in at 6.5 % alcohol by volume. Northern Brewer for bittering, Cascade and Columbus for flavor, and a big, post-boil addition of Centennial for aroma.

Riley's Brewing Co. – Rain Dance

Style: Stout
ABV: 9.50%     IBU: 55.0

Rich dark chocolate, roasted malts and caramel, balanced with notes of coffee, dark fruits, oak and earthy Goldings hops make for a deliciously malty brew. Relatively light carbonation provides a thick and full body to this decadent Imperial Stout.

Riley's Brewing Co. – Riley's Hard Root Beer

Style: Non-Alcoholic
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 0.0

Our hand crafted root beer ?with an added kick to it, as if it were made on the still. Nothing can compare to the full flavor of this truly original recipe. Made the way Grandpa would make it!

Rogue Ales – Cold Brew

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7.50%     IBU: 82.0

Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Cold Brew Coffee is blended with an IPA made using Rogue Farms hops for a unique interplay of hops and coffee flavors. Opening with a huge hit of rich coffee aroma that is balanced by a not-so-subtle hop punch, the transition is seamless from one bold flavor to the next.

Saint Archer – IPA

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.80%     IBU: 66.0

Everything you’d expect from a great American IPA: Hop-forward, yet civilized. Bitter but balanced. Cascade hops ring loud and clear with citrus/pine notes and are backed up by a chorus of our other favorites - Apollo, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Crystal, and Simcoe.

Stone Brewing Co. – Delicious IPA

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.30%     IBU: 116.0

Brewed at the new Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station. This bright and deep gold IPA is brewed with six great hops thrown into the mix, including the addition of two new hops (Mosaic and El Dorado) that Stone has never used before. It’s full bodied, dry and very bitter, with flavors of spiced bread, grapefruit, lemon, nectarine and pine.

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co. – Cloudy With A Chance of Juice

Style: Pale Ale
ABV: 5.80%     IBU: 0.0

New England Style Pale Ale hopped with Amarillo, Mosaic and Simcoe.

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co. – Cucumbier

Style: Pilsner
ABV: 4.90%     IBU: 22.0

Cucumbier is a cool crisp Pilsner made the traditional way using Bohemian malts, and Saaz hops. A subtle cucumber flavor rolls gently into grassy notes of the hops, and then finishes soft and smooth. We hand peel and juice hundreds of pounds of locally sourced organic cucumbers to produce this well balanced, exceptional lager.

Widmer Brothers – Hefeweizen

Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 4.70%     IBU: 0.0

A golden unfiltered wheat beer that is truly cloudy and clearly superb.