Almanac Beer Co. – Sunshine and Opportunity

Style: Sour
ABV: 6.25%     IBU: 0.0

Mixed fermentation saison, aged in oak barrels and dry-hopped.

Aloha Beer Co. – Portlock Porter

Style: Porter
ABV: 6.20%     IBU: 28.0

Two-row, crystal, wheat and lots of chocolate malt make for a rich, roasty, bittersweet beer with a residual sweetness that will call to mind a Thai cappucino.

Avery Brewing Co. – Liliko'i Kepolo

Style: Witbier
ABV: 5.60%     IBU: 10.0

Luscious. Juicy. Tart. And like no other! Adding a tropical island flair to a spicy traditional witbier, Liliko’i Kepolo erupt with monumental passionfruit aroma and acidity along with a sublimely succulent finish.

Big Island Brewhaus – Coco Tart

Style: Porter
ABV: 5.90%     IBU: 35.0

A iteration of the White Mountain Porter which has a slightly creamy texture and soft twang from lactobacillus. Think of adding a touch of heavy cream into your coffee.

Eel River Brewing – Organic Amber Ale

Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 4.80%     IBU: 13.0

A certified organic amber ale, rich copper in color with a caramel-like sweetness and balanced with the finest hops. Eel River Brewery's first-born organic beer is medium-bodied with a hoppy bouquet and a distinctive rich taste.

Inu Island Ales – Inu Pilsner

Style: Pilsner
ABV: 4.80%     IBU: 28.0

Island Pilsner / Dry Hopped Mosaic

Knee Deep Brewing Co. – Otter Hops

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.00%     IBU: 61.0

Wet Hop Imperial IPA. Brewed with freshly picked Chinook, Cascade and CTZ from United Hop Farms(Yuba City) Color: Golden Yellow Aroma/Flavor: Lemon zest, pine, earthy, resinous Mouthfeel: Light body, slightly dry finish.

Kohola Brewery – Shaka Island

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 5.50%     IBU: 55.0

A light bodied, hoppy brew that will surely refresh your palate during hot days at the beach. The hop aromas are of citrus and passionfruit, with just enough of a malt backbone to balance out the bitterness. So “hang loose” and enjoy this little beauty from our ohana to yours.

Modern Times Beer – Fortunate Islands

Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 46.0

Fortunate Islands shares the characteristics of an uber-hoppy IPA and an easy drinking wheat beer. A massive dose of Citra and Amarillo hops gives it a blastwave of tropical hop aromatics: mango, tangerine, and passionfruit all leap out of the glass. Brewed with 60% wheat malt, Fortunate Islands also has the mild, nutty malt backbone, reasonable ABV, and restrained bitterness to make it an outstanding session beer.

Paradise Ciders – Lei'd Back Lilikoi

Style: Cider
ABV: 6.50%     IBU: 0.0

Revision Brewing Co. – Mosaic Revenge

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 9.00%     IBU: 65.0

An intensely hoppy pale ale with minimal malt character, designed to showcase its strong hop flavors.

SKY Kombucha – Watermelon Mint Lemon

Style: Kombucha
ABV: 0.00%     IBU: 0.0

To 0L – Sur Sorachi Ace

Style: Sour
ABV: 6.00%     IBU: 0.0

Style: Dry Hopped Sour Brett IPAMalts: Pilsner, Flaked Wheat, Cara Pils, Melanoidin, Cara MunichHops: Sorachi Ace

Waikiki Brewing Co. – Hapa Menehune

Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 4.68%     IBU: 20.0

This version of our brown is, well rather golden, with beautiful orange hues. The flavors and aromas range in such is a lightly toasted biscuit with cocoa around the edges, yet when it warms a bit, the chocolate becomes more pronounced, and kind of adds to the mouthfeel; like it melted into a warm cookie.

Waikiki Brewing Co. – The Citra

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.00%     IBU: 80.0

Very clean and bright, with huge aromas of fresh cut citrus, melding with hints of stone fruits, papayas, mangos, and pineapples met with mildly sharp dank resinous bitterness and a pleasantly semi sweet finish that lingers in your whole nasal cavity.