4 Noses Brewing Co. – Hazeus

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 7.40%     IBU: 75.0

A massive aroma of pineapple and stone fruits jump from head of 4 Noses first New England style IPA. Hazy and juicy, but with much more hop punch than a traditional NE IPA. With Simcoe, Mosaic and Galaxy used in all of the hopping, a fuller mouthfeel from the oats, this beer is a Colorado take on the beer that put New England on the map.

Almanac Beer Co. – Grand Cru White

Style: Sour
ABV: 10.60%     IBU: 0.0

Grand Cru White is an ode to our favorite aromatic white wines. We combined California Muscat Blanc grapes with an imperial version of our Farmer’s Reserve sour blonde base and fresh, locally-grown apricots before aging them for over a year in French oak barrels.

Angeline – Sauvignon Blanc

Style: White Wine
ABV: 13.80%     IBU: 0.0

This wine presents itself as the perfect canvas for showcasing the full potential of a Russian River Sauvignon Blanc. The drinker is greeted immediately with aromas of Meyer lemon zest and pink grapefruit with an underlying sweet, creaminess reminiscent of freesias. Beneath the citrus is the aromatic subtlety of tropical coconut which rounds off any sharp corners in this tart Sauvignon Blanc.

Boulevard Brewing Co. – Irish Ale

Style: Red Ale
ABV: 5.80%     IBU: 30.0

Irish Ale, Boulevard’s early spring seasonal beer, is our Midwestern tribute to the legendary red ales of old Ireland. Our recipe combines six kinds of pale and roasted barley malts to provide a rich, toasty flavor and tawny reddish hue.

C Squared Ciders – Lila

Style: Cider
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 0.0

An off dry 5% abv cider made with locally grown lavender, juniper, and honey.

Chain Reaction Brewing Co. – Pink Peppercorn Saison

Style: Saison
ABV: 6.20%     IBU: 0.0

his seemingly simple Saison uses the additions of wheat malt and Belgian yeast to be smooth yet crisp on the palate but the simplicity then takes off on a flavor bursting ride when the brewers throw in the addition of pink peppercorns, coriander and orange peel which complement the Belgian yeast spiciness along with add a slightly sweet finish with notes of citrus and red berries.

Coronado Brewing Co. – Idiot IPA

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.50%     IBU: 90.0

It doesn't take a genius to know quality West Coast IPA's require a stupid amount of hops. A generous blend of Nugget hops and the four C's – Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Columbus – brings forth a myriad of tropical fruit flavors and a brawny, persistent bitterness that makes for a highly intelligent brew.

Crooked Stave Brewery – Silly Cybies

Style: Belgian
ABV: 9.00%     IBU: 0.0

Mixed Fermentation Belgian Style Dark Ale Aged In Oak Barrels With Raspberries.

Elevation Beer Co. – Coco Oil Man

Style: Ale
ABV: 11.00%     IBU: 50.0

Fate Brewing Co. – Lachesis

Style: Australian Pale Ale
ABV: 5.50%     IBU: 38.0

Introducing FATE Brewing Company’s Pale Ale. This seasonal Pale Ale is brewed with tropical Australian hops (Summer and Galaxy) and a touch of Citra to give this ale bright citrus aromas and flavor.

Gravity Brewing – Louisville

Style: Belgian
ABV: 6.50%     IBU: 25.0

Rich & Malty Belgian Ale With Moderate Fruity/Raisiny Tones & Hints of Spice

Green Flash Brewing Co. – Passion Fruit Kicker

Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 7.70%     IBU: 42.0

We added mostly late additions of this experimental hop varietal in order to provide a nice tropical fruit aroma while keeping the IBUs in the 40-ish range. Then we headed to Stone Farms to source some passion fruit. The passion fruit we found there was mind-blowing in all aspects. After cutting open the fresh fruit and tasting the beautiful, bright orange seed-peppered juice we all had ear-to-ear smiles.

Happy Leaf – Orange Basil

Style: Kombucha
ABV: 0.50%     IBU: 0.0

Happy Leaf's goal is to brew the best kombucha on the market. Our proprietary culture of bacteria and yeast gives our kombucha a flavor profile unlike any other.

High Hops Brewery – Getting Fresh with Pat's

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.60%     IBU: 0.0

Fresh-hopped with fresh Zeus, Nugget, & Chinook hops from the High Hops Hop Farm 2016 harvest!

Hogshead Brewery – Chin Wag

Style: Bitter
ABV: 5.40%     IBU: 38.0

Caution, one too many may cause you to talk Shite. It combines a chewy malt forward mouth feel balanced by a moderate hopping rate delivered by challenger golding and fuggles hops. Dangerously Quaffable at 38 IBU, Beer to savor over a good conversation.

Left Hand Brewing Co. – Bittersweet

Style: Stout
ABV: 8.90%     IBU: 54.0

Imperial Coffee Milk Stout. This big stout gets aggressive with a boost from Allegro Coffee’s exotic mocha java blend. The coffee’s dark cherry flavors and spicy undertones weave into the rich milky sweet stout like a chocolate-covered espresso bean melting on your tongue. Bitter then sweet. Sweet then bitter. It’s bittersweet.

Lone Tree Brewing Co. – Summer Siesta

Style: Lager
ABV: 5.30%     IBU: 27.0

Dry, crisp and refreshing with just a touch of sweetness from flaked corn, this beer is perfect for a 90 degree day!

Matchbook – Chardonnay

Style: White Wine
ABV: 13.90%     IBU: 0.0

This Estate Bottled Chardonnay is a showcase for the Dunnigan Hills terroir, with lush, full, rich tropical characters. This golden straw-colored Chardonnay has aromas of Crème Brulee, pineapple and macaroons. Flavors of creamy butter are mellowed by tropical mango and ripe melon. While it’s rich in the palate, this Dunnigan Hills Chardonnay displays beautiful structure with a lively, lingering finish.

Mike Hess Brewing – Habitus

Style: Rye Beer
ABV: 8.00%     IBU: 100.0

Winner of the gold at the 2014 World Beer Cup® in the rye beer category, Habitus is a very drinkable, high gravity, crisp and spicy rye IPA, hopped generously throughout the brew process and then dry-hopped with over a pound per barrel of Sterling and Chinook hops. Earthy and spicy notes from both the hops and the rye malt, complimented by the floral and piney aromatics.

New Belgium – Oscar Worthy Coffee -- NITRO

Style: Sour
ABV: 7.60%     IBU: 0.0

We created this collaboration with our friends at Bean Cycle Roasters in Fort Collins, CO. We "dry-beaned" our NBB Love Oscar with 50 lbs of fresh roasted Castillo Colombian coffee beans. The coffee brings sweet caramels with tomato, lime, and cocoa to the aroma. The bean and beer complement each other's characteristics.

New Belgium Brewing – Lips of Faith: Clutch CollaBEERation

Style: Saison
ABV: 9.50%     IBU: 0.0

This pleasing, two-part, potion was brewed with chocolate and black malts for a rich and roasty overtone, then fused with a dry, substratum of sour for a bold and audacious flavor. Black as night, this beer is blended at 80% stout, 20% dark sour wood beer for a collaboration that begins with a sour edge and finishes with a big, dark malt character, lingering, sweet on your palate.

New Belgium with Allagash Brewing – Fat Funk Ale

Style: Belgian
ABV: 5.60%     IBU: 0.0

Who wants the funk? Fat Tire wants the funk. Our New England friends at Allagash brought it, taking Fat Tire back to its Belgian roots with a De Dolle house Belgian yeast strain that adds classic pear, banana and spice to Fat Tire’s malty goodness.They then bottle-conditioned the beer with Brettanomyces Allagagensis for a spicy finish. Get your funk on.

Ninkasi Brewing Co. – Tripel

Style: Belgian
ABV: 9.20%     IBU: 35.0

Crafted by Ninkasi brewer Tim Sanborn, this Tripel profiles all the spicy, clove-like aromas found in Belgian-style beers. Paired with citrus and floral notes from the use of noble Hallertau and Saaz hops, this beer is crisp and complex.

Oakshire Brewing – Oakshire Amber

Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 5.40%     IBU: 24.0

Our amber ale holds a special place in our hearts as the first beer we ever crafted. A delicious balance between malt & hops creates a sessionable brew enjoyable throughout the seasons.

Odd13 Brewing Co. – Codename: Superfan

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.20%     IBU: 100.0

A delicious IPA hopped with Citra, Simcoe, and Amarillo.

Odyssey Beerwerks – Woods Monk

Style: Belgian
ABV: 9.00%     IBU: 31.0

In the Odyssey Monastery, a Hebrew Monk named Jordan Fink brews for sustenance. In the style of a traditional Quadruple Ale, Woods Monk is constructed of a multitude of rich imported malts to give body, sweetness, and depth to its apparent strength. Fermented with a monastic strain of yeast, Woods Monk is bursting with complex yeast aromas of dark fruit, brown sugar, and subtle spice.

Paradox Beer Co. – Future Knowledge

Style: Saison
ABV: 5.20%     IBU: 0.0

Oak foeder fermented free-rise tart farmhouse.

Perennial Artisan Ales – Savant Beersel

Style: Belgian
ABV: 8.00%     IBU: 0.0

Wine Barrel-aged Belgian-style Pale Ale aged with Missouri-grown red wine grapes in French oak wine barrels.

Platt Park Brewing Co. – The Moo Lab

Style: Stout
ABV: 4.90%     IBU: 18.0

Chocolate milk stout.

River North Brewery – Whiskey J. Marie

Style: Saison
ABV: 10.20%     IBU: 0.0

Santa Fe Brewing Co. – Santa Fe Gold

Style: Golden Ale
ABV: 4.00%     IBU: 15.0

Crisp and refreshing, Santa Fe Gold is the perfect gateway beer for someone new to the craft beer phenomenon. At 4% abv, this beer may seem like your typical, boring, no-name domestic but quite the contrary – Santa Fe Gold has just enough body to convince even the snobbiest beer snob that light beers don’t have to be light in flavor.

Starcut Ciders – Octorock

Style: Cider
ABV: 6.30%     IBU: 0.0

Octorock is a semi-sweet, light bodied cider with delicate fruit and yeast aromas and a hint of spice. Initial candied apple flavors in this cider provide a generous amount of sweetness that lingers slightly before a relatively clean. finish.

Station 26 Brewing Co. – American Copper

Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 5.40%     IBU: 33.0

Full flavored and crushable. Malt forward with complex toasted grain and dried tropical fruit quality.

Telluride Brewing Co. – Freaky Fish

Style: Belgian
ABV: 8.50%     IBU: 0.0

We take our Fishwater Double IPA wort and ferment it with a blend of Belgian Strong ale yeast and our house yeast. We then double dry hop it to make the FreakyFish a dynamite drinking experience.

The Lost Abbey – Cuvee De Tomme

Style: Ale
ABV: 11.00%     IBU: 0.0

A massive brown ale base that is made from four fermentable sugars including Malted Barley, Raisins, Candi Sugar and Sour Cherries, this beer is fully fermented before being placed in Bourbon barrels where the beer ages for one year with the Sour Cherries and the wild Brettanomyces yeast that we inoculate the barrels with.

Tivoli Brewing – Jet

Style: Malt Liquor
ABV: 9.50%     IBU: 38.0

A modern take on a classic Tivoli brand, made with Pilsner Malt, 6 row Malt, corn grits, and generous amounts of Pacifica Hops.

Tortoise Creek Wines – Exem Bordeaux

Style: Red Wine
ABV: 13.50%     IBU: 0.0

The color of Exem is a deep blue red. The aromas are of ripe red and black fruits with no green notes found in ‘old fashion’ Bordeaux reds. The palate is rich and harmonious. The tannins are soft and elegant. You will find with Exem a new style of Bordeaux, profiling perfectly ripe fruit (which is rare in Bordeaux).

Victory Brewing – Blackboard Series No. 4: Oatmeal Porter

Style: Porter
ABV: 6.00%     IBU: 0.0

We’re excited to bring you the series in adventurous and unique beers - the Blackboard Series. Combining our award winning brewing techniques along side the deliciously fresh ingredients we are known for. Aroma is all hazelnut, strong. Flavor is similar with some roasted and chocolate notes from the porter base. Smooth mouthfeel.

Victory Brewing – Hop Ranch

Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 9.00%     IBU: 0.0

This powerful brew features full, juicy hop character, while expressing notes of mango, pineapple and the pleasantly sharp, biting edges of tart citrus fruit.

Wicked Weed – Oblivion

Style: Flanders Red Ale
ABV: 8.70%     IBU: 0.0

Oblivion is a Sour Red ale that is aged with blackberries and dates in red wine barrels for up to 12 months. The beer is then carefully blended to create depth and balance that will envelope you in its complexity.