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Why should I choose iPourIt?

iPourIt has the best technology, support and experience in the industry. Hands down. We are the only self-serve system that has built our system in-house; we don’t outsource the development work or resell someone else’s product. When you call iPourIt for support you will be talking to the same people that wrote the code and designed the hardware you are using.

What is your support like?

iPourIt offers a one-year warranty for all parts and labor. Our expert technical support staff provides 24×7 coverage and tracks all service requests through an online ticket support system that provides tracking and management every step of the way. Our system was built to last and is easily serviced. Taps were built independently of one another and network redundancy ensures backup of all your data. Everything was designed to make issue resolution as painless as possible.

What is the installation process?

The first step is a call to discuss your individual needs. We will discuss how many taps you have, your cooler and line setup and your current monthly volume of kegs and customers. We will then have a certified installer visit your establishment to map out the installation and figure out what type of equipment we will be installing. We require a 4-6 week lead time from initial deposit receipt and will then schedule a time to do the installation. The actual installation time can vary greatly depending on your setup and size. Some installs can take a few hours and some can take a few days.

Before we go live, we will train your staff on how to use the system. Training takes about an hour but we will allot as much time as necessary.

Is there a monthly service fee?

Our maintenance fee is one penny per ounce. This fee is considerably less than the savings you will see with our system; check out the profit calculator to see for yourself. This nominal fee aligns iPourIt with you to make sure the system is available 24/7 with the latest upgrades. We want our solution to help you thrive. We only make money when you make money.

How much does it cost to install iPourIt?

Our installation, hardware, software and maintenance are minimally priced. iPourIt will cost you approximately $1,200 per tap. Some additional installation costs may apply, depending on your layout and agreements with your current beer suppliers. Below are examples of typical additional costs:
• Costs of running new taps in a common area in front of the bar or taps directly to tables.
• Electrician costs if you need to run power near the taps for our system.

Installation does not include running new taps, beer lines or electricity. During our initial visit, we will help you plan for the system and provide local certified installers to handle the beer line work. We can also provide commercial stand-alone systems with the iPourIt solution already installed.

How does iPourIt work?

Our core system consists of the following equipment:
• Valves and Meters on your beer lines
• iPourIt RFID wristbands or cards for your customers
• iPourIt RFID readers installed near tap handles
• Interactive tablets above each tap
• Management workstation / server

When a customer enters your establishment you swipe their drivers license, credit card and an iPourIt wristband or card through the management workstation. After placing the wristband on the customer, they are free to start pouring beer. The wristband tells the management server who is pouring beer and calculates their tab automatically. iPourIt will retrofit your beer lines with special valves so that beer is only dispensed when the wristband is in close proximity to the tap. If someone tries to pour a beer without a wristband, no beer will be dispensed.

When a customer’s wristband is read, it is transmitted to the server to make sure they haven’t hit any limits you’ve imposed (ounces per hour, ounces per day, etc.). The valve is then turned on so when the tap is opened, beer will flow freely. As the beer is poured, our meter keeps track of how many ounces (to the 1/10th of an ounce) have been poured. It reports this back to the management server.

What is iPourIt?

Put simply, iPourIt is a revolutionary new system to allow your customers pour their own beer. No more wasted or free beer. Our self-pour beer system tracks and monitors every pour and provides reporting that helps you know who poured what, when, and where so you effectively target your customers and enable a positive experience.


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